The 2021 World Series of Poker is just around the corner, and many players are eager to get back on their feet. This time, however, there won’t be an audience watching as it was cancelled due to a pandemic that swept through America, making its way into Las Vegas, where hosting this event would have been too dangerous for both participants and viewers alike. The Rio All-Suite Hotel; Casino seemed like such a great idea at first – providing plenty of space inside iconic buildings from The Strip but then they found out they didn’t want any part in risking. That uncertainty encompasses not only money being bet during games happening right now.


The WSOP has announced that the Fall poker season will start on September 30th and run through November 23rd. This year there won’t be as many pool parties, but you’ll still need a sweater or jacket to stay warm in Las Vegas’ cooler fall temperatures!


The World Series of Poker was faced with a difficult decision- how do you organize an event when it’s possible that anyone could contract whatever illness is going around? The answer: You can’t. That means there are some tough calls ahead for these organizers, but luckily they’ve had enough experience in this type of situation before to know what needs doing and not worry too much!

The fear that a Covid-19 outbreak could lead to an unprecedented super spreader event has many people – mostly Americans but also those living in Clark County or even just Nevada who would shut down their casinos if this were to happen. Risking everything, including all of Rio’s hotels and casinos, seems like too much at stake for such fears not been confirmed by science yet.

The WSOP just announced that anyone attending this year’s World Series of Poker in Las Vegas must show proof of full vaccination. We provided details on what type is acceptable, so ensure you update your profile with the proper documentation!


The WSOP was recently informed of a new directive from the state of Nevada. The governor has ordered all attendees at large events or conventions to be vaccinated, and if they are not, then no mask will be necessary for those attending these types of parties as long as it remains an open event with plenty of room between dancers who may have attended together previously (and could therefore transmit diseases).

We know this policy is changing with the vaccination rate, positive Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations/ deaths. Requirements may ease as we get closer to September since numbers have been trending upwards recently, but it will still depend on what happens during those weeks leading up until then!

Last week in Clark County, Nevada, there was still a high number of cases and a 33% increase in deaths. Only 44.6 percent of vaccination among people living within the last 7 days before Widely Known To Be Unhealthy Condition(WINC) entrance has helped reduce those figures by 2%. CNN reported that due to an outbreak caused primarily by person-to-disease spread via footballer’s Foot mites or close contact with someone who suffers from this condition; increasing numbers have been seen recently throughout many states, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington state plus more countries around world.

Let’s stay tuned to the latest updates on this unpredictable summer.

More Information about 2021 WSOP

World Series of Poker fans are in for some exciting news. The upcoming series has been announced and will be taking place at the poker mecca that is Las Vegas!

  • Full schedule of events, including structure sheets and downloadable and printed schedules
  • Tournament rules (with Rule 115 pertaining to Covid-19 requirements changing regularly)
  • Payout calculator for all WSOP tournaments, including dailies and bracelet events
  • Live updates from the Rio for every 2021 WSOP bracelet event from the team at PokerNews

Ways to Pay for WSOP Buy-ins

The WSOP is a great way to invest in your poker-playing future. But, if you’re coming from Canada and plan on paying for the tournament with cash instead of using one of our safe methods – like PayPal or credit card- some things will help make this process go as smoothly as possible! The first thing worth mentioning before we get into anything else: Make sure they accept payment types at all airports where flights originate/end and when picking up luggage after landing, which may be somewhere different than expected (e..g., baggage claim).

  • Cash (withdraw it from an ATM or bank teller in Las Vegas), no fees
  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club) will incur a $3 transaction fee, may incur fees from the card-issuing bank, must verify with valid ID that matches the credit card, cap of $10K per event
  • Wire transfer from bank to Rio (must be at least 14 days before the start of event) will incur a $3 transaction fee
  • Cashier’s checks from bank to Rio, will incur $3 transaction fee
  • Rio gaming chips (must buy those in person at the Rio), no fees
  • Rio tournament buy-in chips (also from the Rio), no fees
  • Tournament buy-in credits (from online satellites, for example), may incur fees
  • WSOP Tournament Account (via Rio), no fees
  • ACH (direct payment from bank account to Bravo Live), will incur $3 transaction fee plus 2.75% payment processing fee, cap of $10K per event

With the newly released app, players can now register for ACH payments through their phone and even play poker! This is an easy way to get into tournaments all around town or on-site at one gambling venue. For those who don’t have access to credit cards (or any other form) of finance – no worries because Bravo Live offers another option: you input how much money that unknown person sent, so as long they’re signed up with us, then we take care everything else like paying entry fees which are usually minimal anyway since most places offer cash prizes just by showing up and finally claim winnings once complete.

Next Steps at the Rio

We all know that players are some of the most dedicated and loyal people in poker. Now, thanks to Caesars Rewards Card, holders can register for WSOP tournaments at any one of their properties around America without having a card or being prequalified! This is free, so make sure you pick up yours today before it’s too late- there may not always be another opportunity like this again soon enough.

For those who want to avoid the long lines at check-in, there is an easy way. Bring your identification card, and you’ll be good for one hour of gaming! Verification can also happen in advance by visiting The Belize Room — but make sure it’s done at least 1hr before the event starts, or they might refuse entry without proof that both cards are legitimate. There’s no need to wait any longer than necessary when dealing with such strict security measures; carry along just enough documents.

With a Caesars Rewards Card and using the convenient kiosks, players can now manage all of their transactions online at any time. They’ll be able to go check in with just one card!

The WSOP’s new tournament account is another option that needs only a first-time verification to set it up at the Tropical Ballroom in Rio. This online platform will link you with Bravo Live, where players can do all subsequent transactions and print their seat cards from kiosks around the venue or even via an app for those who have access! Daniel Negreanu used this method during his 2019 trip – he swore by its speediness so much more than waiting for 1-hour priority upon arrival like other people did before him.

Featuring an updated and more secure system, the in-person registration process is now a quick one. With just your vaccination evidence verified at this point, there should be no further delays whatsoever!

Representatives will be on hand to assist you throughout your time at the event, starting with September 30th. They can answer any questions and help get players started if they’re having difficulties navigating through this process for themselves!